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One and half weeks in to 50 | 50

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The Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica hosts an annual 50 | 50 show. Participating artists must complete 50 pieces in 50 days.  The pieces must be done on the provided 6 x 6" panels. I'm about a week and a half in to this project. I'm enjoying the challenge. Some pieces are clearly more successful than others, but because of the time sensitivity, I can't fixate on what is not perfect. This is a good exercise for me.

Below are the pieces I have completed to date. Each drawing will be sold for $95 through the Sanchez Art Center.

Southern Exposure's Monster Drawing Rally!

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I just found out that I've been selected to participate in Southern Exposure's annual Monster Drawing Rally on June 14th.  To my husband's disappointment, the event is not about drawing monsters. Rather, it is a live drawing and fundraising event with 120 artists working side by side on whatever topic they choose. Spectators can observe artists in the act of creation, providing the opportunity to watch a drawing come to life, and to purchase a work of art minutes after its completion. 

Water Monster, circa 1985

More Moleskines

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In addition to studio work, I've been busy drawing in my sketchbooks.  My Several months ago I switched to the larger format Moleskine Japanese sketchbooks (5 x 8.25") from the smaller ones (3.5 x 5.5").  

I am enjoying the extra space on the page.  I think working larger has loosened my line work.  The newer sketchbooks feel freer and less conscious of the page's edge.

You can view more of these new sketchbook drawings here

Collage of studies from my sketchbook

New Sketchbook Images

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This summer I was blown away by Pat Sonnino's series of Moleskine Japanese sketchbooks that combined materials (largely from Rome's vast Porta Porteses flea market) with pen and ink and gauche.

Inspired by her work, I purchased a sketchbook and began drawing.  Each set of pages is of a particular space, our living room, a friend's apartment, a coffee shop.  Each space is connected to the next set of pages by an architectural element, shape, or line.

I've always been a fan of the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse and like to think of this sketchbook as a spatial version of the game.

Lara Hoke, Japanese Moleskine Sketchbook

I shared my first sketchbook with my critique group last week and received some great feedback.  One suggestion was to research the variety of camera angles used to create interest and meaning in film and bring that variation into my work.  This shot below is of my first attempt to incorporate this idea.  I think it's a start, but that I can push this idea much further.

Lara Hoke, Moleskine Japanese Sketchbook

Work in Progress: Living Room Christmas Tree (Update 1)

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It was another cold night in the Hoke/Kimberley household, but I still managed to get some work done.  Using a soft brush I laid out areas of light and dark (something I probably should have done right at the beginning.)  Objects are beginning to feel more solid and space more understandable. I've lost quite a bit of detail in the tree,  but that will come back in a later stage.

Work in Progress: Livingroom Christmas Tree

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I began a new drawing last night of our livingroom at Christmas time. I was huddled on the floor in a blanket and several layers of clothes (our house was not built for these temperatures!) in front of the warm glow of the television. It's my first stab at a holiday-inspired image, but these materials may not be the best for interpreting the warmth of the season...