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Making Progress Thanks to Feedback

Added on by Lara Hoke.

I meant to post this three weeks ago, but forgot...
Our crit group met last night. I brought the two paintings I recently dusted off and am reworking. The experience was a reminder the feedback is invaluable.  The comments and suggestions on where to take the paintings were much appreciated.  It is easy to become blind to your work.  Critiques give you an opportunity to see your work through another's eyes.

During my critique, I was reminded to not get distracted by detail and to look at the shapes.  

I specifically asked for feedback in regards to Kim - I was concerned about how sacharine it was and wanted suggestions on how to make it less so.  One group member suggested I remove the plants and pots.  I did that first thing in the studio today.  I also am paying more attention to the angles in the painting. In Lindsey. I removed the ambiguous shape behind her head and simplified the space.



Kim , Detail

Kim, Detail



Lindsey , Detail

Lindsey, Detail