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Marginalia is hitting the road!

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Last fall I participated in an exhibition in Anchorage, Alaska co-curated by my good friend Jimmy Riordan. The show was a comprised of work by fifty artists and all of it was inspired by Le Roman du Lievre, a French novella from the early 20th century about St. Francis of Assisi, a hare, and the after-life.

On the 17th of May a van full of artwork and show curators/maestros Leslie Rosa and Jimmy Riordan will leave Anchorage and begin heading east. Around the 12th of June it will arrive in New York. Between these two dates, it will zigzag across Canada and the US, meeting up with all of the artists that participated in Marginalia (or at least those that are on this continent).

Leaping into the Blue, Lara Hoke, 2009

 Below is the list planned stops.  Don't miss this opportunity to see the bunnies in person!

Anchorage: Starting Point
Cooper's Landing: Artist Meet-up
Vancouver: Artist Meet-up and Reading
San Francisco: Mini-Exhibition at Royal NoneSuch Gallery in Oakland's Temescal Neighborhood
Los Angeles: Artist Meet-up and Mini-Exhibition
Joshua Tree: ??
Santa Fe: Pig Roast and Reading
Houston: Mini-Exhibition at Skydive for Cultural Affairs and Book-making Workshop for FREE SCHOOL
Lincoln: Mini-Exhibition and Printmaking Workshop
Chicago: Artist Meet-up
Milwaukee: Artist Meet-up and Film Screening
London: Artist Meet-up
Annandale-on-Hudson: Artist Meet-up and ??
Baltimore: Artist Meet-up and ??
New York City: Huge Artist Meet-up and Artist Dinner


Elysa Lozano, Kayla Spann, Brian McNearney, Vlad Smolkin, Samuel T. Adams, Ted Mineo, Ali Aschman, Azikiwe Mohammed, jsun, Lindsay Clark, Ed Mighell, Sam Bornstein, Enrique Marty, Holden Attradies, Leah Schreiber, Anna Raupp, Stefano Minzi, Collin LaFleche, Gretchen Weiss, Beka Goedde, Jimmy Riordan, Brian Hutton, Mark Muro, Rosie Cooper, Florence Boyd, Ben Cove, Constantin Andiel, Emily Foden, Lara Hoke, Esy Casey, Lisa Rybovich Cralle, Emily Noelle Lambert, Lucy Ward, Colleen Asper, Trish Tillman, Alison Blickle, Nathan Manuel, Diann Bauer, Anda Saylor, Krista Peters, James D. Kaiser, Marisa Favretto, Anick Gosselin, Simon Woolham, Doug Williams, Craig Updegrove, Reverse Retro (Lukas Bouvrie and Tony Olexa), Hal Gage, Lawrence Stumpf, Mother Father Ghost(Stephan Koweluk), Bruce Farnsworth, Gretchen Sagan, Austin Lashley, Tommy O'Malley, Rachel Weber.

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