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Artist Group at the Berkeley Free Market Building

Added on by Lara Hoke.

I was honored to be part of the inaugural meeting of an artist group yesterday evening in downtown Berkeley. We met in Sarah Haba's studio which is located in the Berkeley Free Market Building.  The studio is beautiful and teeming with history.  The Berkeley Free Market Building was the studio home of Bay Area Figurative artists Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, William Theophilus Brown, and Paul Wonner.  

Each artist presented their work and shared their motivations for joining the group. Seeing the quality and variety of the other artists' work was absolutely inspiring!

The tie that binds the group is that each artist has taken a class with Mel Prest.  She has done us all a huge favor in recognizing and acting on the importance and need for artists to have community. We will be meeting once a month for critiques, conversation, and community.

In other news, I've begun prep work on several beautiful birchwood panels from Kevin Keul.  These panels were built to order for commissioned portraits.  

Preparing the birchwood panels