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New Studies from the Studio

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With the first round of Nightscapes nearing completion, I've begun working on a new series of studies.  These ones are more abstract and less architectural than the first round.  It's tough to know if they actual look like anything or if they just color blobs.  They look like something to me, but of course I know what they are.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Paintings Series: Oakland Nightscapes

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Now that summer is over and a certain normalcy has returned to my life, I've been able to get back into the studio and start the full-scale Oakland nightscapes in earnest.  These paintings are based on photos that I took in the spring that I turned into studies (you can see both the photos and the studies in an earlier post here

The goals is to create and ethereal space - something that feels not quite safe but is at the same time very familiar.  To produce that effect I am developing the paintings slowly over time by applying lightly tinted semi-transparent layers of glaze.  I use the classic 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 recipe to make my glazing medium - linseed oil, damar varnish, and turp.  I am also working to loosen the brush stroke and am introducing line in the form of charcoal and graphite.   

Walking Towards (work-in-progress), Lara Hoke

Leaning (work-in-progress), Lara Hoke


Walking Away (work-in-progress), Lara Hoke

Documenting the East Bay Regional Parks

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While working at the Oakland Museum of California I encountered the work of Bob Walker,  an environmentalist who's work in preserving the natural beauty of California eventually lead him to become the offical photographer of the East Bay Regional Park District.  He passed away in 1992, but the size and scope of the EBRPD is a testament to his photography and activism. 

Ben and I are trying to visit a regional (or state) park each weekend. I'm documenting our hikes through photography and will be uploading new photographs on a weekly basis.

Bob Walker called the afternoon hour at which he took some of his best photos the Magic Hour.  This particular time of day allowed Walker to take advantage of the shadows and contrasting light created by the sunset.  Below is a set of my photographs taken at the Magic Hour.



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Ben and I just returned from a week on the Mexican Riviera.  A short flight, but a world away.

We had a series of adventures up and down the coast, including surfing lessons in the tiny beach town of Sayulita, cracking fresh lobster using a tin plate and a plastic table in Yelapa - a beach accessible only by boat - and placing bets on whether some pairs were father/daughter duos or romantically entwined...

Here is a sampler of photos from our time in Mexico.  I've included more in the Photography section of this site.  Enjoy!