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Revisiting Old Friends

Added on by Lara Hoke.

Kim (close-up)

Lindsey, Brooklyn Bedroom

I was recently asked to show my work as part of a group show at a new gallery in Livermore, CA. The show is about the figure and being such, the gallery was interested in my older work, most of which is no longer in my possession. To meet the gallery's request, I pulled two half-finished paintings off the shelf, dusted them of, and started painting. It is fascinating and challenging working on pieces from the past. I was surprised to see how my brushwork has changed in the three or four years it has been since I last worked on these two paintings. It is looser, softer, less interested in edges. I have eight days to finish the paintings. Wish me luck!

You can see the original versions of these paintings here:


Lindsey, Brooklyn Bedroom