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One and half weeks in to 50 | 50

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The Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica hosts an annual 50 | 50 show. Participating artists must complete 50 pieces in 50 days.  The pieces must be done on the provided 6 x 6" panels. I'm about a week and a half in to this project. I'm enjoying the challenge. Some pieces are clearly more successful than others, but because of the time sensitivity, I can't fixate on what is not perfect. This is a good exercise for me.

Below are the pieces I have completed to date. Each drawing will be sold for $95 through the Sanchez Art Center.

Coasters and Ornaments Galore!

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Over the past few weeks, I've been working towards this weekend's Holiday Fair at Norton Factory Studios, designing new stamps and creating over 100 ornaments and coasters.  These will be on sale in addition to my drawings and paintings this weekend, December 7 and 8 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 3094 E. 10th Street, Oakland, CA 94601.

Lara Hoke, buffalo coaster

Lara Hoke, big cat coaster

Painting of my commute: the Dumbarton Bridge

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Six years ago, when I first moved to the Bay Area, I thought the land around the Dumbarton Bridge was stinky, ugly, and to be avoided by any way possible.  The last several years have seen a restoration of the area, from a solar salt industry back to native salt marsh.

One of my clients is located in Palo Alto and once a week I drive over the Dumbarton Bridge. Last week, the bridge was a parking lot due to an accident near Facebook headquarters. Being stuck in my car for an hour gave me the opportunity to look at my surroundings and appreciate their beauty. I snapped several photos of the sky and the marsh.  Later that week I began my first painting of the area.  

Dumbarton underpainting, Lara Hoke, oil on panel

A Painting for Norton Factory Studios

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I decided to try something new (for me) for the piece I submitted to Norton Factory Studios' silent auction. I painted a cloudscape.  I'm pleased with the result and am considering doing more. Let me know what you think!  And, if you are in town, come to the auction on Saturday night -

Sunset, Lara Hoke

Moving into a new studio!

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I am thrilled to be moving into my new studio next month at Norton Factory Studios.  The past several years I've been lucky enough to have space in our home to paint.  I'll miss the convenience of home, but won't miss some of the challenges (lighting, ventilation, cat hair...).  What I'm most excited about is the opportunity to be part of a community.  It is something I've missed dearly ever since I left Madarts Studios in Brooklyn five years ago.

It's hard to capture the beauty of the space.  It is airy and full of natural light.  Construction is not yet complete, but it will be ready for move-in on February 15th.

Portrait Study

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I'm excited to begin a new portrait commission and looking forward to the challenges it will present.  This portrait is of an adorable young girl delicately holding a butterfly on her wrist.  The image was captured by her parents while visiting the Audobon Butterfly Garden in New Orleans.

The painting will be executed in oil on panel. Below is a study for the portrait.

Lara Hoke

Study of Girl with Butterfly

Dabbling in Encaustic

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This past weekend I took a two-day workshop on encaustic painting at Kala with the artist and paint maker Hylla Evans.  Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated and pigmented beeswax.  

Learning a new medium and technique is both intimidating and freeing.  What I ended up creating was nothing like what I expected to create.  To learn something new is to take a risk.

Photo collage of my encaustic paintings

Photo collage of my encaustic paintings

The paintings in my studio

Painting in-Progress: Latest Addition to the Oakland Nightscapes Series

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Below is  the latest painting in my Oakland Nightscapes series.  Unlike the previous paintings in the series, which were primarily concerned with a particular corner and storefront, this painting is of our house.

This series of paintings explores familiar places that take on a very different character after dusk.  

This painting is still in-progress though I anticipate completing it within the next week.  I apologize for the quality of the photo.  This series has been notoriously difficult to photograph.

Lara Hoke, Oakland Nightscape, in-progress